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OeauO is the result of decades of research into sustainable concepts for filtering water. Together with its unique Safe Water Capsule, OeauO is now a household consumer product and technology that purifies tap water into safe drinking water. Uniquely positioned and going beyond any other purifying solution on the market, OeauO removes potentially harmful micro organisms in tap water in a simple, efficient way. It is your safe, high quality and sustainable alternative to bottled water, especially in regions where tap water may not be safe to drink.

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Healthy and safe

Safe, pure drinking water is vital for a healthy lifestyle. By purifying and removing potentially harmful elements from our tap water, OeauO guarantees safe drinking water, 100% of the time.

environmentally friendly

OeauO purified water offers a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. Each Safe Water Capsule is capable to filter up to 20 litres of tap water per day. 

high Quality

The quality of our drinking water can vary considerably. OeauO purified tap water complies with the highest quality criteria and is free of micro organisms, providing the safest drinking water possible.

easy to use

OeauO could not be easier to install and use. With built-in sensors indicating when the Safe Water Capsule needs to be replaced, the safety of your drinking water is always assured.